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What's Up With Us!

Do you want to know more about us and our projects and also get some useful information from the digital world? Here is the right spot!

TAWI scores high on Google’s top 10!

23 November 2010

During the autumn, we performed some analytics on how TAWI's new website ranked on Google and we concluded that TAWI’s Swedish website was ranked among the highest on Google. This was for all important Swedish keywords, such as:
Pneumatiskt lyftok

It shows that our hard work with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) pays off!

TAWI Germany is more visible on Google!

22 August 2010

The new website belonging to TAWI Germany is finally up and running! With the new design making it easier to see TAWI's various brands, the aim is to create more leads. The website is also SEO optimized to be more visible on Google!

We have been assigned to speak about bipolar disorder!

11 August 2010

Living with a mental illness doesn’t just affect yourself but also your relatives and close friends. Even society has is unsure how to relate to mental illnesses. In the spring, we presented an idea to AstraZeneca on how to increase awareness of bipolar disorder, and now we have been assigned to produce a documentary.

The program is called "Having a good quality of life with bipolar disorder" and it’s a documentary that shows it’s possible for people suffering from bipolar disorder to feel good and increase their quality of life, despite the fact that bipolar disorder involves having to deal with a constant emotional roller-coaster.

Release date is expected in the spring of 2011.

The premiere of a short video describing how easy it is!

08 August 2010

Multi-Lube AB, part of Spraying System, specializes in selling  various lubrication systems in which you can apply for example stamping, deep drawing and roll forming . After having watched their video, which doesn’t take more than 60 seconds, you will have a better understanding of what they can offer!

Kafé Vanilj is now more visible on Google!

26 June 2010

After a lot of hard work, Kafé Vanilj is finally on the web. With new photos, a new logo and a new design on the website, we proudly present the coffee shop to the world through the power of the Internet. We also use a CMS (Content Management System) in which they can easily upload current news information about what is happening in the coffee shop, as well as photos of dishes and new pictures in the slideshow. View the results here!



TAWI want more visibility on the Internet!

23 June 2010

We have been responsible for TAWI AB's websites since 1998 and have kept increasing the websites’ visibility on Google. Today we were once again given the opportunity to improve TAWI's websites around the world.

With Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we can quickly see results in the form of high rankings on Google.

The web design is version 1.5 and is expected to launch bit by bit throughout autumn .

Hotel Vanilla is now more visible on Google!

21 June 2010

After a lot of hard work, Hotel Vanilla is finally on the web! With new photos, a new logo and a new design on the website, we proudly present the hotel on the Internet.

We also use a CMS (Content Management System) in which they can easily upload current news information about what’s happening in Gothenburg, as well as pictures of rooms, new images in the slide show, and offers from the hotel.

See the results here!

World Heritage Grimeton will be on the map again!

18 June 2010

We have received the prestigious assignment to promote the World Heritage Grimeton on the Internet. Based on an existing visual identity, we will design a new website and thereby increase its visibility on Google. We shall present this unique heritage site in Swedish, English and German. The project should be completed in late autumn.

Hotel Vanilla and Kafé Vanilj get a completely new profile!

30 March 2010

We have been asked by the new owner to profile Hotel Vanilla and Kafé Vanilj in Gothenburg. Our assignment is to create a new logotype, a brochure, and a website, and for this we will photograph all the hotel’s and café’s facilities. Delivery is expected before the summer.