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Application of lubrication and corrosion protection fluids

02 December 2011

For Spraying Systems, we will produce a product presentation  and a commercial in 60 seconds that describes how a lubrication system works for the application of lubricant.  AutoJet® is a highly successful system for the application of lubrication and corrosion protection fluids.

Apart from the lubrication of coils, blanks, pipe sections, stamping or forming tools, lubrication oil or a corrosion protection fluid can also be applied to wires or bars/rods.

The new video project is based on previously recorded material, including customer interviews. The project will be completed during the summer.

Modellteknik is a supplier to the royal court – kind of !

12 July 2011

We’re now launching Modellteknik's new website, where we present a reference project in which Modellteknik collaborated with H.R.H. Prince Carl Philip. With over 20 different web pages,

Modellteknik has become more visible on Google and now their important Swedish keywords, such as skärande bearbetning, legotillverkning, 3D-konstruktion, modelltillverkning, designfräsning, formverktyg, and prototyptillverkning, are in the top 3 when searched for on Google.

The website also includes short video clips that feature Modellteknik's different services. On top of that, we use a CMS (Content Management System) in which the company easily can upload current news information, pictures of staff, reference projects and machinery. You can visit the website here!



The premiere of ”Havinga good quality of life with bipolar disorder”

19 April 2011

Today is the premiere of the Swedish documentary film, "Having a good quality of life with bipolar disorder". It’ss a documentary that shows it’s possible for people suffering from bipolar disorder to feel good and improve their quality of life, despite their constant emotional roller-coasters.
The illness is common, but a lot of people are not diagnosed or are diagnosed later in life, after many years of suffering for the person in question, as well as for his or her families and friends. There is a great need to disseminate adequate information about bipolar disorder, in healthcare but also in society. There is help available.

The documentary, “Having a good quality of life with bipolar disorder”, is based on stories from participants in the film with different bipolar disorders. Common to them all is that it took a long time before they received the right diagnosis and treatment for the illness, despite contact with doctors and psychologists.

Isabelle is a youth who used to suffer from severe depression and attempted suicide, but she finally got the right diagnosis and prescriptions and ultimately recovered.

Andreas spent many years in therapy, but never got the right diagnosis. He tried various different antidepressants but his condition only worsened. After 20 years and several hypomanic episodes and severe depressions, he finally got the right diagnosis and mood stabilizing medication.

Lena works as a district medical officer and has been healthy since 2003. Lena struggled for many years with her illness and received improper treatment. She was involuntarily admitted to hospital several times and those experiences scarred her for life.

Raffaella is a researcher and switches quickly between bipolar states. Raffaella wants to be up front about her illness and thereby create understanding and defuse stigma. She has a crisis plan for how those around her should act when she gets a relapse.

One of the leading specialists on bipolar disorder in Sweden, Dr Lars Häggström, helps to explain the causes of the illness and what you can do to stay healthy and have a good quality of life even if you suffer from bipolar disorder.

The program is 25 minutes long.
Andreas takes a moment of thinking

Modellteknik wants to be the most visible company on Google!

31 March 2011

Already in 2007, we were offered the opportunity to produce a company presentation using video, and based on the same concept we will now create a new website for them. The goal is for Modellteknik to be the most visible site on Google, and for them to have important keywords associated with the company's competencies.

The video will also be on the website. The project will be published before the holiday season.