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Why do you need to build your brand in SEO?

06 April 2016

Here at Visuell Kommunikation we believe building your brand is a vital part of an SEO Strategy. If your brand has no reputation and is not maintained at a high standard this will give a bad impression to potential customers. Your visibility will be directly effected as it will also make it harder if you are not at a position where they can see you.

Search engines are becoming more and more crowded and the domination of well-known brands is an epidemic that is hard to see through. In this article we will discuss how brand domination can be daunting but also offer a solution to this so you can receive the organic traffic you deserve. It has been proven that brand recognition trust and the reputation can overrule the SEO authority of a site. Because of this, SEO in a traditional sense is shifting in regards to the priority of the company. It depends on the size of the site and the reputation it already has, but for smaller companies this makes complete sense.

Although the concept of building a company’s brand and reputation may seem difficult or even impossible, we can assure you it is not. Make no mistake though, there is no quick fix to branding as it can be a longer process for some than others. However, there are certain things that you must take into consideration. Here are a few of them:

The service or product you are providing must be great; with real potential. If not, the marketing and content will go to waste and will not attribute to the brand in any way. The sites overall upkeep must be excellent. This includes original, relevant content and responsive, helpful customer service. Focus on building a relationship with your clients. In order to do this you need to be transparent, real and engaging. This applies to your online and offline demeanour, as consistency is key.

Research keywords to focus your brand identity; as many companies attempt to cater to everyone in an attempt to win everyone over. This is a problem, as brand identity is all about creating a clear niche so your customers feel a connection to the brand and know exactly what it is about.

Visual recognition is very important as it makes a huge difference. If visitors/customers recognise your design, logo, and style then you’ve successfully created a strong brand. This is why certain online bloggers are getting a lot of recognition and even receiving fame. They have a signature approach to what they do and a sense of community is created. If this can be replicated, but in regards to your company, then you have definitely made it.

In conclusion, the integration of great SEO practice and clear professional branding into your website or business is a powerful tool. Ultimately, branding is becoming crucially important in the SEO stratosphere and requires just as much of your time.

Boosting your companies brand needs to be a priority if it isn’t already. Many people get hooked on quick fixes that they think will generate success, but this is simply unrealistic as it will not happen overnight. There needs to be strategy behind it that can connect and an abundance of creativity to give visitors something worth talking about.