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Kafé Vanilj goes mobile!

20 May 2014

It’s increasingly common to surf on the web using your smart phone. Therefore we want to increase accessibility to Kafé Vanilj’s website by supplying them with a website customized for mobile use. The website is certified by Google and comes up in searches with smart phones.

Here you can see the result when using a smart phone.

Fungerar bara med smart phone

Apply Emtunga have chosen our e-learning concept for their HSE information.

14 May 2014

Apply Emtunga is a leading supplier of living quarters for the offshore industry. We have cooperated with Emtunga since the early 90's. In 2007, we produced a video program showing how to work safely on Emtunga workplaces - that software will now be distributed in a new way.

The demand for Emtunga to be a safe workplace is increasing and they have now chosen to educate all staff working on Emtunga’s sites through our e-learning platform. This means they can systematically check that all staff members have made use of the HSE training, whether it be their own staff or the staff of a subcontractor.

Delivery will take place in autumn 2014.