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Do you want to know more about us and our projects and also get some useful information from the digital world? Here is the right spot!

Modellteknik is a supplier to the royal court – kind of !

12 July 2011

We’re now launching Modellteknik's new website, where we present a reference project in which Modellteknik collaborated with H.R.H. Prince Carl Philip. With over 20 different web pages,

Modellteknik has become more visible on Google and now their important Swedish keywords, such as skärande bearbetning, legotillverkning, 3D-konstruktion, modelltillverkning, designfräsning, formverktyg, and prototyptillverkning, are in the top 3 when searched for on Google.

The website also includes short video clips that feature Modellteknik's different services. On top of that, we use a CMS (Content Management System) in which the company easily can upload current news information, pictures of staff, reference projects and machinery. You can visit the website here!