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QR codes for quicker information about services!

17 October 2012

Modellteknik AB is investing in QR codes and as such simplifies communication with their customers. Their code shows you a menu which is linked to YouTube. From there you can watch short video clips relating to Modellteknik’s various services. The code is also available on Modellteknik's prints and posters.

Download a free app to your smart phone and scan the colorful code with your screen, or use this link with your smart phone.
QR codes are versatile!
QR codes have been successfully used in Japan for decades without catching the rest of the world's interest. Today, QR codes are on a roll and their usage in the US and Europe is  sharply increasing as more smart phone users embrace QR code readers.

QR codes serve as a link between printed and digital media. They are therefore particularly useful in printed ads and commercials, because they lead potential customers to the company’s website or to an e-commerce site where the product can be paid for using the code.