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Do you want to know more about us and our projects and also get some useful information from the digital world? Here is the right spot!

E-learning with behavioral learning!

18 February 2014

We are now launching our interactive e-learning platform where you can get theoretical training in how to handle your hook loader or skip loader. The program is entirely based on short video clips and you get a general insight into the various functions, safe practices, overturning moment, lifting moment , operation, maintenance and care. The quality-assured e-learning is educational and easy and does not demand any prior knowledge on how to handle a hook loader or skip loader.

The program is also designed to prevent accidents and reduce expensive operating and maintenance costs due to improper handling. The training is behavior based and video sequences have been put together with different animations which show you how to properly operate the vehicles.

E-learning with behavior based learning is something that our customers appreciate and enables supervisors to get a good overview of how well a student has completed the course. With stats like how long students take to complete the course or what type of questions they missed, you get a useful tool you can use to validate and assure the quality of their education. Here is  a brief introduction to the hook loader training (only in Swedish):

TAWI has a new web page in Sweden!

17 February 2014

Today we launch version 3.0 of TAWI Sweden. It has a modern design and it’s easier to search for various types of applications. We also use a CMS (Content Management System) in which TAWI easily can add ongoing news information and photos of products in the slideshow, as well as administer the Solution Center with images, video, data sheets, product sheets, etc.

During this spring the subsidiaries in Denmark, Germany, Holland, England and the United States are also going to be updated to version 3.0.