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Do you want to know more about us and our projects and also get some useful information from the digital world? Here is the right spot!

We now launch TAWI USA new responsive website

14 December 2015

Responsive Design
We now launch TAWI USA new responsive website, version 4.0. It’s a almost a copy of TAWI International site, but it is a stand alone site situated on a web hosting company in Chicago so that the site will be visible on Google searches in the USA.The site is also certified by Google and adaptable to all platforms and modern browsers due to its responsive design adaptation.

We have also developed a CMS (administration tool) so that TAWI head office in Sweden can easily administer all subsidiaries web pages around the world.

Here is a short preview!

TAWI International is now live!

23 November 2015

We now launch TAWI International's new responsive website, version 4.0. It’s an English website that is linked to the Swedish site, but it is also visible when using certain keywords in the USA. It’s approved by Google and adaptable to all platforms and modern browsers.
Responsive design
We havealso developed a CMS (administration tool) so that TAWI head office in Sweden can easily administer all the web pages around the world.

Here is a short preview!

Kafé Vanilj is responsive with a blog!

21 October 2015

Today we launch Kafè Vanilj's new responsive website.
Responsiv design

It uses a simple CMS (Content Management System) that we have developed. It’s easy to add or remove images in the slideshow, add text on the menu on the blackboard on the front page, as well as add meals to the lunch menus.

CSM (Content Management System)

With a blog, the café can present its different activities and events but also upload pictures of scrumptious dishes and pastries. The blog also generates traffic to the web page, and this is important for staying visible on Google.

TAWI Sweden presents their new responsive website!

20 October 2015

Responsiv design
We are proud to present TAWI Sweden's new responsive website. It is the first in a series of new websites for TAWI's all subsidiaries worldwide (Denmark, Holland, Germany, USA and England).

The website is designed so that the customer can quickly either select which application you wish to use, or you can search by type of industry and then find the right lifting application.

The site is also certified by Google and adaptable to all platforms and modern browsers due to its responsive design adaptation.

We have also developed a CMS (Content Management System) so that TAWI head office in Sweden can easily administer all subsidiaries web pages around the world.

Here is a short preview!

Do I really need to do SEO?

08 October 2015

Well firstly, let’s take a step back and explain exactly what SEO is. Search engine optimisation is a way of improving your website in order to help increase the number of visitors your site gets from search engines. There are a whole host of factors which play a part in improving your websites visibility, (from URL structures to unique content) but by optimising all these elements it will enable your site to rank better in the search engines. Nevertheless, search engines (like Google) are constantly changing their algorithm, meaning your site needs to always adapt to cater for these changes.  

What are the benefits of SEO?
1. Improved SEO rankings
2. Long term positioning
3. Increase brand awareness
4. Low cost but high ROI
5. Increased targeted traffic means more revenue

Why choose us?
Here at Visuell Komminikation we are dedicated to offering the most innovative methods of on page and off page SEO in order to deliver our clients increased profitability and performance amongst Google SERPS, Whether you have a huge budget or a strict budget we are committed to delivering our clients nothing but big results. If you have an E-commerce site, blog, news site or anything for that matter feel free to get in touch and one of our friendly team will be sure to contact you and get the ball rolling.

Kafé Vanilj is going to be responsive and use video clips!

15 September 2015

The popular coffee shop Kafé Vanilj at Kyrkogatan in Gothenburg is now going to be designed as a responsive website and through that also become visible on Google. Although it’s a mobile site it becomes easier to update on both desktop and mobile sites. 

The website will also be given a more modern design and have the ability to more easily update the coffee shop’s daily specials and its menu. You’ll even find a short video clip showing how they work in the kitchen on the website.

Nordic Walking e-commerce site goes Live!

31 August 2015

It’s the premiere for Stavgångsbutiken’s new responsive website - an e-commerce site for Nordic walking. The design suits all platforms. You can alternate between a slide show and a video presentation. 

On the site you can find several video clips showing you how to use walking poles. The page is moreover visible among Google’s top 3 for important keywords such as walking poles, Nordic walking sticks and trekking poles. 

We designed the website and Wikinggruppen are responsible for its operation and production.

Responsiv design

Popular ladder site is going to be responsive!

21 August 2015

Although TAWI today is a material handling company, it’s also known for its sales of ladders. We have been commissioned to design a responsive website that makes it easier for customers to find the right ladder, whether you are surfing on your PC or smart phone. 

Delivery is scheduled before Christmas!

Western Riding with Bob Mayhew is now responsive!

14 August 2015

More and more people use Google on their smart phones, and therefore it’s important that we adapt the Swedish knowledge website of western riding with a responsive design. The English site is also to be adapted.

Keywords – Keeping your content modern and relevant

13 August 2015

When creating SEO content, it is vital that the pages are easily searchable through Google, in order to be seen. The best way to go about this is to make sure your keywords are relevant to your audience. SEO Keywords and phrases in your content make it possible for people to find your site via search engines by using those specific terms.

By keeping up with modern trends, specifically within niches in which you have a personal interest, it is possible to predict what keywords are going to soon become popular. If you have an interest in mobile phones, for example, you would have a fair idea of what upcoming models are due for release, and which ones will be popular. People are more likely to search for these types of phones as opposed to older models or less popular ones.

With the E3 conference being streamed to fans all over the world, the gamers know exactly what games are going to become popular and which aren't; the more popular titles are then solid keywords to be used in your article as they will become popular search terms. This then generates more traffic from Google to your website and improves the quality of your content as it is relevant and what people want to read.

This technique can also help you with your search terms, if you apply the same logic when trying to find specific information or websites, think about what terms are most relevant, popular and up to date to bring you back the best quality site possible.

Keywords and SEO are directly related when it comes to running a successful campaign. The keywords are the foundation of your site as these are what determine your traffic from search engines. It is paramount to regularly re-evaluate your keywords and check the relevance, updating them if necessary. Once you have your keywords, the easiest way to go forward is keyword grouping and organisation, dividing the keywords into smaller groups making them much more manageable as opposed to crafting a unique page for each individual keyword.

So perhaps you should evaluate your keywords and see how you can improve them, therefore improving your site metrics. Good luck!

TAWI is investing in responsive design and video!

20 July 2015

To increase the accessibility of TAWI's web pages, we have again been offered the opportunity to design new responsive websites for all of TAWI's companies. 

This means that TAWI will be approved by Google when you search using smart phones and tablets (iPad). We will also produce a short infographic video. 

All applications will be presented with a video. The launch of version 4.0 will occur throughout this autumn.

The Nordic Walking Academy is going to be responsive and visible on Google!

15 July 2015

Since Google decided to rank only mobile adapted pages when searching with mobile phones after April 21, 2015, we have decided to produce a new responsive design for the Nordic Walking Academy web page.

Because more and more people are using smart phones, a responsive website is the best way to display it in various sizes and on different platforms.

Responsiv design

Just how important is mobile for SEO?

16 June 2015

Type the abbreviation ‘SEO’ into a Google search and you’ll likely be hit with a barrage of articles telling you the Dos and Don’ts of search engine optimisation. Quite often these are phrased quite negatively, for example, the top ten SEO mistakes that companies make, but does it have to be like this?

Rather than looking at what strategies can break a company, here at Visuell Kommunikation we like to focus on the positive – in particular, the benefits of mobile technology for SEO. As with all SEO strategies, above all it is important to be up-to-date and in line with industry changes, and nothing says this better than making sure one’s site is optimised for mobile.

On April 21st, search engine giant Google was set to cause waves across the internet when it released its latest algorithm. The new update would prioritise certain websites in its search engine results pages, the websites in question being those which were optimised for mobile devices such as smartphones.

So what exactly does ‘mobile-optimised’ encompass? Depending on your level of technical knowledge, it can mean a lot of different things. For example, for a web designer, one might want to consider changing his or her website from adaptive to responsive. This basically means that a site will automatically change its size to accommodate different device sizes, such as smartphones. By comparison, one which is not responsive will require the user to scroll around the screen, making for an altogether less comfortable viewing experience.

Mobile-optimised sites also embrace other developments in web design, such as the famed ‘hamburger icon’ – that is – three lines in the top corner of a page which can load up a menu. Many sites offer condensed versions in which their main menus are compressed into these ‘hamburgers.’
Of course, one could even go one step further and make a whole app for his or her website, but that is not to discount mobile-optimised sites altogether. Studies have shown that 40 per cent of web users browse sites through their mobile device – that’s an incredible 25 million of us in the UK alone – so it makes sense for webmasters to embrace Google’s changes, not just to rank highly, but to give their customers an all-round better experience.

Here’s another statistic for you – twice as many of us are as likely to tell others about bad service as we are good service, so make sure your website doesn’t fit into the former category! Being successful in SEO is about being forward-thinking, and for now, mobile optimisation, it seems, is the future.

A QR code demonstrates how to bake at Kafé Vanilj!

21 April 2015

With a QR code we usher guests into the kitchen, figuratively speaking. With a QR code app on their phones, guests can read a code which features a short video in which we present the home cooking or baking activities in the kitchen.  
Download the free app to your smart phone and scan the colorful code using your screen, or use this link on your smart phone.
QR codes are versatile!

QR codes have been successfully used in Japan for decades without catching the rest of the world's interest. Today, the QR code is on a roll and its usage in the US and Europe is sharply increasing as more and more smart phone users embrace the QR code reader.

The most common way of using it is for communication with consumers, but you’re only limited by your own imagination. QR codes serve as a link between printed and digital media. It’s therefore particularly useful in printed ads and commercials, because it leads the potential customer to the company website or to an e-commerce site where the product can be paid for using the code.

Nordic Walking - The e-commerce shop gets a new design!

13 March 2015

In the spring we started creating a new design for the e-commerce page for Stavgångsbutiken. The aim is to also make it a responsive design so that it can be approved by Google as a mobile page.

Akzo Nobel e-learning goes live!

10 March 2015

Finally it’s time to launch the new e-learning platform for Akzo Nobel Functional Chemicals. Akzo can now increase the availability of HSE issues and with this e-learning, customers worldwide will, around the clock, always have access to the correct knowledge regarding how to handle ethyleneamines. 

Furthermore, Akzo can monitor how well each student / user has managed the training. Data is collected separately for individuals and teams, and becomes valuable documentation which can be used to demonstrate how to follow up on the Product Stewardship work.. 

The program is available in English, Japanese and Chinese. The Chinese version is distributed and used only in China and operated on a Chinese server.

Chinese help page

Certified instructor of Nordic Walking!

04 February 2015

The e-learning project, "Everyone can practice with poles!", inspires people to learn more about the use of Nordic walking poles for exercise, the right technique, and  how to choose the right poles. The project also shares knowledge on how the right equipment can help facilitate Nordic walking exercise.

The interactive e-learning gives you further information on how you can schedule your workout as an exerciser, REHAB, high performer and child / youth. You also get suggestions on how you can use you poles in aerobics.

The program thus offers everyone an opportunity to carry out a structured proficiency test which can be strengthened by a certificate / diploma upon completion of theoretical training in how to exercise with Nordic walking! Here you can in Swedish see a little bit more about how the e-learning program works: