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Do you want to know more about us and our projects and also get some useful information from the digital world? Here is the right spot!

Kafé Vanilj is responsive with a blog!

21 October 2015

Today we launch Kafè Vanilj's new responsive website.
Responsiv design

It uses a simple CMS (Content Management System) that we have developed. It’s easy to add or remove images in the slideshow, add text on the menu on the blackboard on the front page, as well as add meals to the lunch menus.

CSM (Content Management System)

With a blog, the café can present its different activities and events but also upload pictures of scrumptious dishes and pastries. The blog also generates traffic to the web page, and this is important for staying visible on Google.

TAWI Sweden presents their new responsive website!

20 October 2015

Responsiv design
We are proud to present TAWI Sweden's new responsive website. It is the first in a series of new websites for TAWI's all subsidiaries worldwide (Denmark, Holland, Germany, USA and England).

The website is designed so that the customer can quickly either select which application you wish to use, or you can search by type of industry and then find the right lifting application.

The site is also certified by Google and adaptable to all platforms and modern browsers due to its responsive design adaptation.

We have also developed a CMS (Content Management System) so that TAWI head office in Sweden can easily administer all subsidiaries web pages around the world.

Here is a short preview!

Do I really need to do SEO?

08 October 2015

Well firstly, let’s take a step back and explain exactly what SEO is. Search engine optimisation is a way of improving your website in order to help increase the number of visitors your site gets from search engines. There are a whole host of factors which play a part in improving your websites visibility, (from URL structures to unique content) but by optimising all these elements it will enable your site to rank better in the search engines. Nevertheless, search engines (like Google) are constantly changing their algorithm, meaning your site needs to always adapt to cater for these changes.  

What are the benefits of SEO?
1. Improved SEO rankings
2. Long term positioning
3. Increase brand awareness
4. Low cost but high ROI
5. Increased targeted traffic means more revenue

Why choose us?
Here at Visuell Komminikation we are dedicated to offering the most innovative methods of on page and off page SEO in order to deliver our clients increased profitability and performance amongst Google SERPS, Whether you have a huge budget or a strict budget we are committed to delivering our clients nothing but big results. If you have an E-commerce site, blog, news site or anything for that matter feel free to get in touch and one of our friendly team will be sure to contact you and get the ball rolling.